BINAA, BINAA is a design and research studio founded by Burak Pekoglu, in 2012. The main focus of the studio is to generate content along with the themes of Building, Innovation, Arts and Architecture, with an exceptional cross disciplinary collaboration model, which is characterized by a strong reciprocal connection between Research, Design and Execution., Building, Innovation, Arts, Architecture, Research, Design, Execution, İstanbul
The War Veteran Vehicle is a piece of art designed for the Krzysztof Wodiczko’s Abolution of War Exhibition, which invites the public to reconsider their understanding of the impact of war on veterans who have fought (or worked as medics) in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wodiczko has explored social and political marginalization, and the creation of suitable platforms for alienated and excluded communities to "develop their shattered abilities to communicate" and testify about their personal experiences.

The War Veteran Vehicle, brings into focus the post-traumatic conditions experienced by returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan. The project is based on a set of interviews conducted by the artist with anonymous war veterans and their families, revealing the difficulties of re-integration and the impossibility of re-connecting with their previous lives.

The project helps the veterans open up and bridge the gap that separates them from those who don't know what war is.